I am passionate about scientific outreach and education. I have previous experience presenting scientific material to both children and adults in the context of school talks, science museum presenting, public science outreach events, and scientific talks. I was previously a regular author for the Astrobites collaboration, which writes daily posts on current astronomy research. If you'd like me to give a talk about something, or if you have an idea for an outreach/teaching project you'd like to collaborate on, please reach out to me by email.

Written work


Outreach talks and videos


  • Cosmology from Home 2021

Livestream recapping what's happened at the conference and a Reddit AMA with other attendees, where we livestreamed our discussions of the questions.


  • The Skeleton of Our Universe

A public talk to the Newcastle Astronomical Society, delivered virtually over Zoom.

  • Live-stream at Cosmology from Home 2020

Several attendants of the Cosmology from Home Conference hosted a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and streamed discussions and answers to YouTube.



  • Space day at the Great North Museum

Presented to year 12 students about astronomy as part of British Science Week.


    • Transition project Maths and Physics

Created sets of notes and exercises to aid incoming maths and physics undergraduates with the transition to university level mathematics and physics.

Delivered lectures on maths and physics for the summer students.


  • Public Outreach Volunteer (Oxford Stargazing)

Participated in running events to increase scientific literacy, reaching thousands of children and adults each year.


Supporting modules at Newcastle University.


    • Year 1 Dynamics

    • Year 2 Statistical Mechanics


    • Year 3 Quantum Mechanics


2022 Art of Science competition (2nd place)

2021 Postgraduate Prize for Achievements in Outreach (Awarded by the School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at Newcastle University)