Dr Alex Gough

Cosmologist and physics/maths teacher

Pronunciation: /ˈæləks gɒf/ (like 'cough' with a /g/)

I recently completed my PhD in astrophysics and will be qualifying to teach physics with mathematics in UK secondardy schools from September 2024. I'll be on the job market for jobs from summer 2025.  I'm particularly interested in positions with a significant teaching component in physics/mathematics. I'm particularly interested in positions at college or university level. If you are hiring, or know of relevant positions, please get in touch!

My PhD research focuses on cosmology as part of the theoretical cosmology and observational astrophysics groups at Newcastle university. I study on the large scale structure of the Universe and dark matter. I'm interested in outreach, teaching, and science communication.

I also work as a postgraduate teacher in the School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at Newcastle University, supporting teaching at an undergraduate level.