Alex Gough

Postgraduate Researcher in Cosmology/Postgraduate Teacher (Maths/Physics)

Pronunciation: /ˈæləks gɒf/ (like 'cough' with a /g/)

I'm on the job market for jobs starting around September 2024! I'm particularly interested in positions with a significant teaching component in physics/mathematics, particularly at university and college level in the UK. If you are hiring, or know of relevant positions, please get in touch!

I'm a final year PhD candidate at Newcastle University, studying cosmology as part of the theoretical cosmology and observational astrophysics groups. I work on the large scale structure of the Universe and dark matter. I'm interested in outreach, teaching, and science communication.

I also work as a postgraduate teacher in the School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at Newcastle University, supporting teaching at an undergraduate level.