Publications and talks


You can find my papers on: arXiv, NASA ADS, iNSPIRE HEP, or through my ORCiD profile. I will try to make sure the list on this site stays up to date, but these sources will have anything I've missed.

Totals (last update 17/10/22): 3 research articles, of which 1 is first/corresponding-author (*), 1 pre-print (†), 1 conference proceeding (‡).

  1. (†) It takes two to know one: Computing accurate one-point PDF covariances from effective two-point models

Cora Uhlemann, Oliver Friedrich, Aoife Boyle, Alex Gough, Francis Bernardeau, Sandrine Codis

arXiv: 2210.07819, doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2210.07819

  1. (*) Making (dark matter) waves: Untangling wave interference for multi-streaming dark matter

Alex Gough and Cora Uhlemann

Published: OJAs 5 2022, arXiv: 2206.11918, doi: 10.21105/astro.2206.11918

  1. (‡) One-point statistics matter in extended cosmologies

Alex Gough and Cora Uhlemann

Published: Universe 8(1) 2022, arXiv: 2112.04428, doi: 10.3390/universe8010055

  1. The matter density PDF for modified gravity and dark energy with Large Deviations Theory

Matteo Cataneo, Cora Uhlemann, Christian Arnold, Alex Gough, Baojiu Li, Catherine Heymans

Published: MNRAS 513(2) 2022, arXiv: 2109.02636, doi: 10.1093/mnras/stac904

  1. A minimal power-spectrum-based moment expansion for CMB B-mode searches

S. Azzoni, M. H. Abitbol, D. Alonso, A. Gough, N. Katayama, T. Matsumura

Published: JCAP 05(2021)07, arXiv: 2011.11575, doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2021/05/047

Presentations and conferences

Below are all the presentations I have given conferences I have attended since starting my PhD. I have included some recordings of talks or twitter explainer threads next to the relevant contribution. () indicates an invited contribution.

Colloquia, seminars, and group meetings


  • (†)Ludwig Maximilians Universität (16 Nov)

Astrophysics seminar

  • Max Planck Institue for Astrophysics (15 Nov)

Group meeting

  • Maynooth University (11 Nov)

Theoretical physics seminar (joint with Cora Uhlemann)

  • (†)Kavali Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (4 Oct)

Astrophysics seminar

  • Newcastle University (28 Sep)

Applied mathematics seminar

Conference talks/attendance


  • The Complexity of the Cosmos (5–7 Oct)

Joint talk with Cora Uhlemann

  • Recent Progress in Axion Theory and Experiment (5–8 Sep)

Parallel talk

  • Cosmology from Home 2022 (4–15 Jul)

Parallel talk (video, twitter thread)

  • UK Cosmology meeting (16-17 May)


  • BritGrav22 (4-5 Apr)

Parallel talk (video)

  • DPG Spring Meeting (21–25 Mar)

Parallel talk

  • DEX-XVIII (6–7 Jan)

Short talk


  • Alternative Gravities and Fundamental Cosmology (6–10 Sep)

Parallel talk

  • Cosmology from Home 2021 (5-16 Jul)

Lightning talk (video)

  • BritGrav21 (12-16 Apr)

Parallel talk

  • STFC School for New Students in Astronomy (11–15 Jan)

Short talk (twitter thread)

  • DEX-XVII (6–7 Jan)


  • Rise of Field Theory Workshop (4–8 Jan)



  • Cosmology from Home 2020 (24 Aug–4 Sep)